外国朋友评价系列之一:LAMY safari

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摘要: 我们其实听到不少国内的朋友对LAMY鸭脖体育app的评价,其中有溢美之词,也不乏各种吐槽。但是我们可能就不太知道国外的朋友对这支笔的评价是如何的吧?为此我们做了一系列的评价专题,通过收集国外朋友们的评价和测评数据, ...




1、Somehow, I find some humor in the fact that this pen is so well rated,?
yet most reviewers take care to point out that it isn't the prettiest, most overpriced, or fanciest pens around.?Unlike many companies, Lamy makes pens and pencils.They don't use pretentious euphemisms for pens like those other companies, nor do they charge 10x-100x what the pens are worth.?They do make awesome pens like the Safari, which are indestructible and feel good in the hand, and they make some incredibly smooth nibs.


2、The Safari does make an awesome starter fountain pen, but it's a starter pen that'll last you your entire life.?I recommend a Fine or Medium nib if you're new to a fountain pens. You can even buy spare nibs for the Lamy so that you can swap between different sizes.


?3、I guess you didn't really read the actual words I wrote. Lamy pens are perfectly symmetrical and *fine* for left handed writing. Just not durable, for my gentle left-handed self OR for my gentle, right-handed guy-husband.



4、it's almost my one year anniversary with my LAMY Fountain Pen plus ink and accessories.?
!!!I STILL HAVEN"T MANAGED TO GET IT TO WORK!!!I've used fountain pens my whole life and thought I'd give this pen a go since the reviews were good.
I'm quite mad about the whole thing. I've tried and tried but it won't write.Also the nib isn't as wide as I had hoped.I'll give a new one another go around...but if you are thinking about purchasing this pen, beware.



5If you write with the nib in reverse orientation, you can write extremely fine;?however the barrel on this is triangular so it won't fit your hand as well with it upside down. If you need to micro scribe, give it a try. I've written notes on a post-it that are laughably small this way, which would be impossible if held normally.



6、I have loved every Lamy Safari fountain pen I have ever had, but the three I've owned, and the one I gave to my husband as a gift have all broken/torn in half at the threaded plastic piece joining the nib to the barrel.

?I was so hopeful, when I bought our aluminum-body Safaris, that the company would have used metal at the threaded joint -- but sadly, no. So I was *extra* careful with that last one. I love the steel nib, and how it fits my hand. But both my husband's and my aluminum ones did the same thing within a year. Pelikan has the same issue with their Pelikano line. Really disappointed that Lamy didn't switch to a polymer less likely to fatigue so quickly, or go to metal for that section of the pen. It took me many hours of writing for the nib to break in to my writing angle -- it broke when it had gotten really perfect. The aluminum parts are pristine; but the pens are now useless. I'm left-handed, and this pen perfectly fits my hand and writing style. I have wondered whether other owners have had the same problem. Figured I must be doing something wrong, until it happened to my husband too. I never used his once, and his never even left his desk. He's right-handed & I didn't want to mess up his nib. It's almost as if the threaded section fatigues from being opened/closed to replace the cartridge or refill the converter. And it's not like we ever torqued it closed or opened -- it's a pen, not a thermos... Completely stumped by this.